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some examples of our tailor-made projects

Let yourself be inspired by creativity

For over 50 years we have been making our know-how available to brands all over the world, to offer total creative flexibility. Boxes and shopping bags 100% customizable, in all aspects, capable of fully reflecting the unique artistic choices of each brand.

Shopping bags and clutch bags

Manually finished shopping bags, personalized, with special papers, covered in fabric. Lithographic printing and various graphic finishings (silkscreen or hot).

The handles are personalized with various materials: from twisted paper to ribbons and grosgrain.

Starting from a standard design, the shape can also be customized

Rigid wrapped boxes

Also in this case the production can be 100% customized.

All-Italian quality and design.

Very high quality boxes to enclose the most precious objects.

We can add internal elements to safeguard the product to be contained.

No constraints in choosing size or color.

Eco-sustainable boxes:Ecoluxbox

Ecoluxbox was born from the need to combine elegance, resistance and eco-sustainability: it is characterized by the total absence of magnets and made exclusively from second-life paper and cardboard, 100% recyclable. The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy has issued us the patent linked to the model and design of this box.

Coordinated sets

Boxes, shopping bags and clutches, which create a coordinated image and tell the soul of the brand.

Round boxes

Limited edition luxury boxes or gifts. Potentially infinite choice of finishes.


From the simplest solutions, in paper and cardboard, to the most precious materials.

No limits to creativity.

New and totally customized papermaking solutions.